NYC Soccer Collective

SUMMER Registration opens

FRIDAY APRIL 29 at 2pm

Watch here for info or join our Facebook page ...

For information and availability visit the season’s DIVISIONS pages
in the center article section of the HOME PAGE or 
select 5v5, 7v7, 9v9 or 11v11 divisions from
the right side menu on the HOME PAGE
for more info on divisions and availability

ONCE Registration Opens for the upcoming season
a link will appear upper left for NEW Team Registration
RETURNING teams (from any past season) select Returning Team


Before registering be sure you’ve read all information about the division you’re interested in (for information about the current divisions click the links for 5v5, 7v7, 9v9 or 11v11 in the right side menu on the home page)

Be sure you’ve also read the league info and league rules pages about league organization and procedures etc... Links to these pages are in the lower right corner of the home page under HEADLINES.


Please fully read this page before selecting
TEAM or INDIVIDUAL registration from the menu upper left.
Registration forms submitted without payment will be invalid until the league receives payment for the FULL league fee. 
You will be notified if an individual or team HAS NOT been accepted into one of our divisions and your money will be fully refunded.
Your registration form will be fully processed and submitted to the registrar when payment has been submitted.
WAITING LIST - TEAMS -- If a division is full that you were hoping to enter a team for, you may list your team on the waiting list. Follow the steps for normal registration and when you reach the payment page you will not complete it (it will be set to $0 if the division is full).  This will submit your team application to the waiting list. 
WAITING LIST - INDIVIDUALS --If a division is full for individuals, 
follow steps for individual registration in order to place your name on the WAITING LIST


  • If you have a few players who want to play together – but don’t have enough to make a full team – you may register as individuals and request to be placed together - we will attempt to place you on a team together – all additional spots on the team will be filled by other individuals who have registered.
  • (It is often difficult to place more than 2 or 3 players together on a team.
    But we will try.)


Once a player or team has registered / paid to play in the league, there are NO REFUNDS, 
unless all teams / divisions are full and we are unable to place a player or team in the league.

Players may sell their spot to another player. 

If we have a PLAYER on the waiting list to take the place of a player who would like to drop we will refund the original player a pro-rated rate for any games remaining minus a $15 admin fee pre-season or $20 if the season is already underway.

If we find a team to take the place of a TEAM who would like to drop we will refund the original TEAM minus a $150 admin fee pre-season or $200 if the season is already underway.