NYC Soccer Collective

Team Captains and Co-Captains. -
(Captains / Co-Captains * when writing to the league please include your TEAM NAME in all emails)
When viewing the full season schedule online the site generally shows one month at a time.
There is a light blue bar below the standings with links to other months.
OR you can view all season games scheduled for your team on your 
team page. 
Instructions below on using the site elements to keep track of important team / league data. 
For instructions on posting scores read the TEAM SCORE REPORTING section below.  

For instructions on posting your roster read the MAINTAIN TEAM ROSTER section below.

For a complete list of your responsibilities read the captain / co-captain section in the LEAGUE RULES.
Rosters must be posted by 6pm on the day of your second league game. 

To post your roster for a new season select returning players from the team PLAYER POOL. 
After you’ve clicked "add a player" on your team page you will see "PLAYER POOL" as an option on the menu bar. 
You must include ALL contact information for team contacts.

You must include EMAIL ADDRESSES for all players on your roster.
See #5 below for information on how to ADD or DROP players from your roster. 

#1) To access your rosters, score reporting etc. - you will LOG IN.
#2) LOG IN
  • TO LOG IN: Go to www.NYCSoccerCollective.NET
  • Select the schedule for your division
  • Click the name of your team (it is a link to your team page)
  • You will be directed to your team page. 
  • Click TEAM LOG IN in the upper right corner.
  • You will be prompted to enter your EMAIL address and PIN #
  • If you don’t have a PIN # there is an option under the login box to be sent a PIN# if you don’t have one, or have forgotten yours. 
#3) Once you have logged in you will have the following options:
  • Team Score Reporting:  Home Games,  Away Games
  • Maintain Team Contacts
  • Maintain Team Roster
  • Team Page
  • (Registration for the upcoming season when registration is open)

Below is the first screen you should see when you’ve logged in as a team administrator.
If you don’t see this screen when you log in please let us know ASAP.



TEAMS who do not post their scores in a timely manner will be penalized and ineligible for early bird registration discounts for the next season. 
  • You MUST report your scores each week.  
Scores will not post until both teams and the referee have reported the scores.

IF teams have reported different scores - the referee’s score will override team reports. 
  • To access your ability to report scores
    Click TEAM SCOREKEEPING from the menu when you first log on.  (image above)
    Then click HOME GAMES or AWAY GAMES to report your scores.

  • You can keep track of your own team’s statistics (player attendance, scorers, assists etc...) 
    You will do this via your 

    From your TEAM PAGE you click vs between the home and aways teams on each game in your team schedule at the bottom of your team page.   vs is listed under column MR (match report) 
  • Forfeits are recorded as 5 - 0.
  • You can access your ability to maintain team contacts in two ways
    Click MAINTAIN TEAM CONTACTS when you first log on. 
    OR select CONTACTS from your TEAM PAGE in the light green bar beneath your team name at the top of the page

  • When you enter your team contacts you have to select TEAM ADMIN, HEAD COACH, ASST COACH or MANAGER - but then in the box next to that you can OVERRIDE the role title (to add CAPTAIN and Co-CAPTAIN which ever is most appropriate)
  • You can add single team contacts, or add multiple team contacts at once
    OR you can select a team contact from "TEAM CONTACT POOL" where any team contacts from previous seasons will be listed.

  • When adding a team contact who has been a player but not a team contact, be sure to select SEARCH FOR EXISTING TEAM CONTACT since this person is already in the system as a player (so you don't create a duplicate account)
  • You can maintain your team roster in two ways
    Click MAINTAIN TEAM ROSTER when you first log in
    OR select ROSTER from your TEAM PAGE in the light green bar beneath your team name at the top of the page

  • If youre TEAM has played in the league before, ADD your players by clicking PLAYER POOL on the right of the bar for maintaining / editing team rosters. 

  • Once you’ve added players they must be approved by the league before they are officially posted to your roster.
  • Don’t worry if your players have not been approved, they are still registered as being posted as of the day you’ve added them. 
  • Players listed without a last name or email address will not be approved. 

    You must include email addresses for all players on your roster.

  • You must include ALL contact information for team contacts.
  • When you’re adding your "captain and co-captain" or "team contacts" as players to the player roster, choose the option to "add an existing player" and enter your last name, your entry will come up since you’re already listed in the system (so it doesn’t create an additional version of you in the system). 
  • WHEN re-registering a team, from your TEAM ROSTER page, select TEAM PLAYER POOL at the right in the green banner menu, you’ll be able to indicate which players from the past season are returning. 
  • If you’re adding a player to your roster who has played in the league but NOT on your team, click "add player to team" then click "search for an existing player" and enter the info to bring up the player info.
  • ADD / DROP 
    Once you drop a player from the season they can not be added again for that season.

  • ADD / DROP 
    You can only replace players who are leaving the team permanently for the current season due to injury, moving etc...

  • PLEASE READ THE SECTION on ADD / DROP in the LEAGUE RULES (home page lower right corner)
On your TEAM PAGE you will have access to
  • Access to all the options above (Team Scorekeeping, Team Contacts, Roster) 
  • A listing of GAMES SCHEDULED for your team only 
  • Where your team sits in the STANDINGS 
  • Adding any FANS your team may have (hmmm? not sure exactly what this does - someone can let me know once they’ve explored it) I think you can add friends, family, mascots and their contact information so you can alert them to the schedule.
    GOOD PLACE to list your regular ringers.

  • PAYMENTS - you can keep track of the enternal payments within your team. 
    Who has paid their portion of the team fee and record cash and checks paid to you. 
    You can adjust how much each player pays. (you’re the only one with access to this info - so if you have a player who pays less or for free - the other players aren’t privy to this info)
  • TEAM UNIFORM COLORS - once team shirts / colors have been assigned we will post them here (it may take awhile for us to do this - we may not add this feature this season) 
  • PLAYER stats
This is for your own entertainment and is not necessary.

You may select a player (each name is a link) from the ROSTER on your TEAM PAGE
  • You will reach their PLAYER PAGE - listing their number, position, nationality, etc.
    Various bits of information. It’s up to you what information you want to input to be displayed.
  • Select MODIFY PLAYER INFO above the player name and number to add, change or delete info
#9) There are other ELEMENTS you will discover as you explore the tabs and links on your pages.
All Captains, Co-Captains and Players are responsible for reading, understanding and abiding by all league rules and procedures.

Please visit the home page and review LEAGUE INFO and LEAGUE RULES in the HEADLINES section.

CAPTAINS and Co-Captains


  • Captains and Co-Captains are responsible for making sure the players on their team understand and are familiar with the rules. 
  • On the first night they are responsible for getting all players to sign the team waiver/release form if provided.
    (All players who are added to the roster are required to read and understand all league rules and procedures and have committed to the league waiver by being registered with a team.) 

  • Finding out in advance if all your players are available for games and if you will require ringers to have a full squad.
  • Posting your full roster on your team page by the second game of the season. 
  • Making sure your roster is up to date and making an ADD / DROP any time a player is added or dropped to/from the roster.  (see ADD / DROP section in LEAGUE RULES)
  • Checking the schedule and informing your team of the opponent, Time/Date, and field locations of your games.
  • Making sure that your team sets up next to the field you are scheduled to play on.
  • Making sure your team is ready for kickoff at game time.
  • Distributing shirts and making sure all teammates and ringers are wearing the correct color.
  • If your team is scheduled to play a team of a similar color making sure teammates bring white shirts to play in. (some colors are listed on the team pages) if not, feel free to email the league. 
  • Reporting game scores and team scorers each week. 
  • Making sure your team members are aware of, understand and participate by all league rules and regulations. 
  • Making sure any ringers who are not registered in the league sign waiver forms and are aware of, understand and participate by all league rules and regulations.